SAT-Practice Word of the Day: surreptitious
Intermediate Word of the Day: avatar
Difficult Word of the Day: atavar

                 THE GENTLE KING

Beside a sea in Galilee
Two thousand years ago,
A Gentle King disclosed to us
Some truths that men should know,

And though the world knew scant of Him
And killed Him on a cross,
His humble words so moved the world
That Rome-- not He-- was lost.

Imperium's arch is rubble now;
Its sword is ancient rust,
And yet, the Gentle Shepherd's words
Go singing from its dust,

And now, for Him, from East to West,
So gladly do we sing,
That Heaven's Host must know how much
We praise our Gentle King,

And as they gaze down lovingly,
They wonder, there on high,
How we can say such pretty things
Yet sometimes live a lie.