Intermediate Word:  teal (a) bluish-green river duck  (b)   (c) expression of endearment  (d) embroidered shift
Difficult Word: - sprue - (a) edges
trimmed in sizing paper  (b) foam that forms in the processing of paper  (c) feedstock  (d) tropical disease

China Hopes To Put Men On The Moon Within 15 Years - SpaceDaily  China expects to build up its capacity for manned space missions to build a space station within 10 to 15 years, said Hu Shixiang, deputy commander of China's manned spaceflight project Sunday. Hu said, China has been developing a new variety of rocket with a carrying capacity three times as much as the present ones for achieving the two targets. China plans to achieve extravehicular activity by astronauts and locking of spacecraft by 2012, basis for establishing the future space station and even the moon probing, he said. The probing of space is the common target of the whole mankind.   
Jacket allows people to receive "cyberhugs"  - CNN  A jacket that allows children to receive "cyberhugs" from parents thousands of miles away is soon to be unveiled by scientists who say the technology will bring families closer together. Associate Professor Adrian Cheok of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University says the system should be commercially available in June 2006. Teddy bears equipped with sensors are used to record parental hugs and transmit them wirelessly over the Internet. The jackets convert them into embraces using mobile-phone style vibrations and heated copper threads. Once the child jackets are on the market, his team will begin adapting a Valentine's Day version for couples.        

Nanotube foams are strong and flexible - PhysicsWeb  nanotube foams are unusual in that they are both extremely strong - with a compressive strength of 12 to 15 megapascals - and very flexible. In contrast, typical low-density flexible foams, such as latex rubber and polyurethane, have a compressive strength of about 20 to 30 kilopascals. Nanotube foams could have applications as cushioning pads, energy absorbing coatings, and damping layers, while nanotubes with buckles could be used to make electromechanical devices such as actuators.    

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