Intermediate Word:  nolo contendre - (a) inoffensive  (b) no contest  (c) now a candidate  (d) 
Difficult Word: -Tuan   (a) Sahib  (b) famous Maori  (c) type of Himalayan sheep  (d) legendary Afghani ruler

2008 Launch of New Soyuz-2 to be a Russian-French Affair - Space.com  The Samara-based TsSKB-Progress Space Center plans to launch the first Soyuz-2 carrier rocket from the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana in 2008. The Soyuz-Kourou project envisions for the space center to build a launch system for carrier rockets, produced by TsSKB-Progress. The official noted that the construction of the launch system was slated for 2005, right after the contract was signed. Under the contract, the French side, which is also the main customer, will provide most funds.
Vast Water Supplies Hidden Under North China Desert: Study - SpaceDaily  Left:  Dunes in the Badain Jaran desert, in western Inner Mongolia.  A desert in China's Inner Mongolia that has the highest sand dunes in the world holds a vast store of underground water which, if used wisely, could ease the chronic water shortage afflicting the north of the country, a study says. Scientists based in China, Australia and Britain scratched just 20 centimetres (eight inches) below the surface of the dunes in the Badain Jaran desert, in western Inner Mongolia, and were stunned to find abundant moisture. "This water is likely to be acting as a cohesion agent."  

A Decade Of Intense Battle Lies Ahead To Conquer The Moon  - SpaceDaily  Left:  The 1979 Moon Treaty, to prevent the moon from becoming an area of international conflict, has only been ratified by nine nations. It has been rejected by both the United States and Russia.  The next decade will see nations scrambling to build outposts on the moon with each adapting different strategies to use it as a base to explore space, according to scientists attending a conference on lunar exploration. The United States welcomes competition while the Europeans and other national space programs favour a cooperative robotic village lunar base, a settlement where each nation has its own place on the moon, they said.

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