Intermediate Word:  intima -  (a) a special secret  (b) a personal treasure  (c) innermost wall of a blood vessel  (d) a hinty
Difficult Word: - falx   (a) sickle-shaped structure  (b) false  (c) a document with a faked date  (d) the insect-attracting stamen of a pitcher plant

Mars Volcanoes Possibly Still Active, Pictures Show - Space.com  Images from a European space probe reveal recent glacial deposits and lava flows on Mars that suggest the red planet is more active than many scientists had thought. The European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter photographed lava flows that must have occurred within the past two million years and imply, scientists say, that volcanoes on Mars might still pump molten rock to the surface now and then.     
Rapid Progress Reported In Emerging Field Of Molecular Electronics - SpaceDaily  The first applications are likely to involve hybrid devices that combine molecular electronics with existing technologies, such as silicon. For example, logic gates, memory circuits, rectifiers, sensors and many other fundamental components have been demonstrated to work. "We have published 64-bit random access memory circuits using bistable rotaxane molecules as the memory elements, and we are in the process of fabricating a 16-kilobit memory circuit at a density of devices that far exceeds current technology," Heath said.    

Nano World: Nanoelectronics in 15 years - SpaceDaily  To keep Moore's law valid for greater and greater computing power, circuit features have grown ever smaller, with cutting-edge chips now boasting features only 90 nanometers in size, or less than a wavelength of visible light. The problem is CMOS is virtually impossible to push below 10 nanometers. When you get as close as 10 nanometers, electrons can jump back and forth at random and you cannot maintain states of one or zero distinctly, he said. Based on Moore's law, the 10-nanometer limit should arrive in roughly 15 years. After roughly three to five years, up to seven of the most promising ideas will be selected. 

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