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Olympus Mons (Mars)

The Huygens Probe Landing on Titan.
The Putnam Prize
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My heart being what it is, a sturdy thing
Of locks and cables, geared to usefulness
Will function as it has from spring to spring,
Though you from spring to spring have loved me less.
The rivers of my blodd will make their way
Through deep, accustomed channels as before.
Where once proud armadas tossed the spray
The barges now will move along the shore.

The pyramid of grief is build on sand,
Not on the granite acres of my bone.
The monstrous shadow falling on the land
Will carve no mountain, wear away no stone,
And few will notice on the eroding clay
The splendid writings of an earlier day.

        --"Window to the South."
                  Vivian Smallwood