Intermediate Word:  circumspect (a) self-conscious  (b) terrified  (c) even-handed  (d) prudent
Difficult Word: - mangabey -
tropical fruit  (b) long-muzzled African monkey  (c) small portable stove  (d) good-luck charm over a door

Adult Stem Cells Act As Construction Supervisors In Tissue Repair - SpaceDaily  For years it was believed that adult stem cells, under conditions of reduced oxygen - such as that found in victims of a heart attack or stroke - acted as building blocks by constructing new passageways for blood to bypass damaged tissue. However, a new study by a team of University of Virginia researchers suggests that stem cells act as construction supervisors directing the work of other cells, rather than doing the heavy lifting themselves. "Our findings point to an alternative to the big pharma strategy of searching for blockbuster drugs," Skalak said.   
Santa Barbara Researchers Light Up 'Dark' Spins In Diamond - SpaceDaily  Left:  "We have found a channel for moving information between single electron spins at room temperature," said Awschalom. "This bodes well for making networks of spins, using the dark spins as wires, in order to process information at the atomic level."  Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have potentially opened up a new avenue toward room temperature quantum information processing. By demonstrating the ability to image and control single isolated electron spins in diamond, they unexpectedly discovered a new channel for transferring information to other surrounding spins - an initial step towards spin-based information processing. These spins are called 'dark' because they cannot be directly detected by light emission and yet, it appears that they may prove extremely useful.  

Give Thanks For The Cranberry, Say Dental Researchers - Science Daily  A team led by oral biologist Hyun (Michel) Koo, D.D.S., Ph.D., at the University of Rochester Medical Center has discovered that the same traits that make cranberry juice a powerful weapon against bladder infections also hold promise for protecting teeth against cavities. Koo found that cranberry juice acts like TeflonŽ for teeth, making it difficult for the bacteria that causes cavities to cling to tooth surfaces. Stickiness is everything for the microbe Streptococcus mutans, which creates most cavities by eating sugars and then excreting acids that cause dental decay, as well as disrupting the formation of plaque.    

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