Intermediate Word:  agora -  (a)  popular marketplace in ancient Athens  (b) novitiate Vestal Virgin  (c) cotton or linen shift  (d) two-handled urn
Difficult Word: - catachresis   (a)
atrophy of peripheral veins  (b) fading of ink with time  (c) deliberately paradoxical figure of speech  (d) fading of an outstanding genetic trait with succeeding generations

Plunge Into an Alien World - Space.com  On Jan. 14, our view of Titan should change forever, as the Cassini spacecraft's piggybacked Huygens probe parachutes through the smog and lands -- or splashes -- on the surface. Cassini will release the probe Dec. 25. The interview with Coustenis below was conducted by Astrobiology Magazine, a web-based publication sponsored by the NASA astrobiology program. It is presented here in cooperation with the magazine.     
Australia Draws Line With United States On Global Warming- Report - SpaceDaily  Left:  "The difference between the US and Australia is that we are prepared to engage in a new agreement as long as it is comprehensive," Campbell said from London.  Australia has distanced itself from the United States' hardline attempts to stall international action on greenhouse gas emissions, a report said Monday. It followed intense lobbying by the United States at a climate change conference in Buenos Aires earlier this month to set the stage for the Kyoto agreement, which Washington opposes. The two countries are the only major developed nations that have not signed the Kyoto protocol, set for February.  

Climate Consensus In Any Language - SpaceDaily  Left:  At least we all agree it's round.  Naomi Oreskes, of the University of California, San Diego, examined nearly 1,000 published papers on climate change. She found no disagreement within the scientific community on two questions: whether Earth's climate is warming and whether human activities are influencing that warming. Not one, not a single paper, refuted the basic consensus statement that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is increasing, that it is changing the chemistry of the atmosphere, and it's having discernible effects, Oreskes told UPI's Climate. Scientists also agree the CO2 increases are the result of human activity, she wrote in her paper. 

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