Intermediate Word:  colloquy -  (a)  denunciation  (b) protest march  (c) formal conversation  (d) organized items
Difficult Word: - bufflehead   (a)
type of duck  (b) Laotian ox with a bushy head  (c) screw for both Phillips and slot-type screwdrivers  (d) train drawn by multiple locomotives

Nuclear War A Real Fear In South Asia - SpaceDaily  Left:  From political games to deadly games, the nuclear option always remains open for ANY of the 10 nations who already have the Bomb.  No conventional war between India and Pakistan will remain limited for long and will gradually lead to a full-scale war and ultimately to a nuclear conflict, warns a study by a Pakistani defense official. The study, presented recently at a Washington think-tank, looks at various scenarios that could lead to an all-out war between the two South Asian neighbors, which conducted a series of nuclear tests in May 1998 and also possess nuclear-capable missiles.   
Analysis: No Doubt Earth's Ice Is Melting - SpaceDaily  Left: Image showing the progressive speed of movement of Jakobshavn glacier, in 2001, 2002 and 2003; already the world's fastest-moving glacier for the last half of the 20th century- moving at about 7 kilometers per year- the latest satellite and airborne laser data show its flow has increased - over the last four years - to 13 kilometers per year.  In some instances, the rate of glacial creep has increased up to eightfold. More worrisome, the change has occurred in a breathtakingly short time - since 2000. As more and more open water appears in the Arctic Ocean, it absorbs more solar heat, which carries over into the winter, leading to an earlier melt the following year and thinner ice during the winter.   

Photo of hip x-ray

Scientists 'switch off' arthritis  - BBC  Scientists at the University of Liverpool claim they have found a way of turning off one of the most painful aspects of rheumatoid arthritis. Joints become swollen and sore, partly because the body sends white blood cells, or neutrophils, to the joints in order to combat the disease. But neutrophils also release a vast amount of toxins into the joints that can cause joint damage. Now scientists say they can be curbed, while still being effective. The team discovered neutrophils stop secreting toxins that attack the joints when a specific molecule on their surface is blocked by using certain antibodies.

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