Intermediate Word:  verrucose (a) swollen  (b) needy  (c) warty  (d) wrinkled
Difficult Word: - mamba - (a)
South American dance  (b) venomous African snake  (c) tribal advisor  (d) African wet nurse

Growing More Good Oil From The Sea - SpaceDaily  Oil-rich marine microalgae are being assessed for their commercial potential under a new agreement between Clover, the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship, and the CRC for Bioproducts. "Microalgae are the natural omega-3 factories of the sea," flagship director Dr Bruce Lee says. "They can thrive in dark, organic-rich environments where they convert carbohydrates to beneficial oils that are passed up to fish through the marine food chain. "They may offer a renewable source of omega-3 oils for use in human and animal diets, depending on how well they adapt to life in large-scale culture facilities."   
Pulsar Racing Through Space Reveals A Comet Like Trail - SpaceDaily   Scientists have uncovered a new feature in one of the closest pulsars to Earth, the Geminga pulsar. Plowing through space at 120 kilometers per second (or Milan to New York City in 57 seconds), this dense nugget of a dead star leaves in its wake a comet-like trail of high-energy electrons. Together, these observations provide unique insight into the contents and density of the interstellar "ocean" Geminga is plowing through, as well as the physics of Geminga itself. Not only is Geminga close, only about 500 light years from Earth, it is cutting across our line of sight, offering a spectacular view of a pulsar in motion.    

Earliest Evidence For Large Scale Organized Warfare In The Mesopotamian World - SpaceDaily  A huge battle destroyed one of the world's earliest cities at around 3500 B.C. and left behind, preserved in their places, artifacts from daily life in an urban settlement in upper Mesopotamia, according to a joint announcement from the University of Chicago and the Department of Antiquities in Syria. The excavators retrieved more than 1,200 smaller, oval-shaped bullets (about an inch long and an inch and a half in diameter) and some 120 larger round clay balls (two and half to four inches in diameter). "This clearly was no minor skirmish. This was 'Shock and Awe' in the Fourth Millennium B.C.," Reichel said.     

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