Intermediate Word:  stipple (a) to speckle  (b) to wave... e. g., in the wind  (c) to wobble, top-heavy  (d)  
Difficult Word: - nom de guerre - (a)
military nickname  (b) name of hero  (c) middle name  (d) fictitious name

Japan Expects To Pay One Third Of Joint Missile System With US - SpaceDaily  Japan expects to shoulder 1.0-1.2 billion dollars, or about one-third of the cost of developing a missile system with the United States, the Defense Agency said Thursday, after reports Tokyo faced a greater burden. The close allies have been jointly conducting research into the missile defense system amid growing concern about North Korea and rising tension between Japan and China. But she said Japan has not yet made the final decision to start development of the system. The two nations plan to move on from the research they began in 1999 to the development stage sometime from March, Kyodo News reported. The amount nearly tripled after Washington extended the period for development to 2014 and recalculated the amount based on previous weaponry projects, the mass-circulation daily said. North Korea stunned the world in 1998 by firing a missile over the Japanese mainland into the Pacific. 
Physicists Coax Six Atoms Into Quantum Cat State - SpaceDaily  Left:  NIST researchers have succeeded in coaxing six ions into an unusual quantum "cat" state in which their nuclei are collectively spinning clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time. Image credit: Bill Pietsch, Astronaut 3 Media Group. See animation   The ambitious choreography could be useful in applications such as quantum computing and cryptography, as well as ultra-sensitive measurement techniques, all of which rely on exquisite control of nature's smallest particles. One run of the experiment takes about 1 millisecond; the cat states last about 50 microseconds (about 1/20 as long). The team ran the experiment successfully tens of thousands of times, including numerous runs that entangled four, five, or six ions.  

Indonesia And Russia Considering Satellite Launch From Papua Island - SpaceDaily  Indonesia and Russia are considering using an island off Indonesia's Papua province as a launching base for a Russian communications satellite, an official said Thursday. Biak already houses a Telemetry Tracking and Command ground station of the Indian Space Research Organisation, currently operated by the Indonesian state Space and Aviation Agency. The government has been promoting the use of Biak as the site of a space launch center since the 1960s. Indonesia has several US-made telecommunication satellites but they were all launched from Kourou in French Guiana.   

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