Intermediate Word:  vicuņa (a) dressy overcoat with wide lapels  (b) roof over market stalls  (c) llama-like Andean mammal  (d) Spanish alderman 
Difficult Word: - togue - (a)
small pillbox hat  (b) sprightly 18th-century dance  (c) lake trout  (d) women's social "plot"

14-Day Plan Improves Memory - Live Science   It sounds like an infomercial from late-night TV: Follow this four-step plan and improve your memory in just 14 days! But researchers have indeed found a way to improve memory function in older people. After a two-week study that involved brainteasers, exercise and diet changes, study participants' memories worked more efficiently. Here's the program  Memory Training, Healthy Diet, Physical Fitness, and Stress Reduction.:
Microbes Under Greenland Ice Give Hints To Martian Life Potentials - SpaceDaily   Methane is a greenhouse gas present in the atmospheres of both Earth and Mars. If a class of ancient microbes called Archaea are the source of Mars' methane, as some scientists have proposed, then unmanned probes to the Martian surface should look for them at depths where the temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than that found at the base of the Greenland ice sheet, according to UC Berkeley lead researcher P. Buford Price, a professor of physics. This would be several hundred meters - some 1,000 feet - underground, where the temperature is slightly warmer than freezing and such microbes should average about one every cubic centimeter, or about 16 per cubic inch. While Price is not expecting any time soon a mission to Mars to drill several hundred meters beneath the surface, methanogens (methane-generating Archaea) could just as easily be detected around meteor craters where rock has been thrown up from deep underground.   

Is string theory in trouble? - New Scientist  Now string theory, one of today's leading candidates, is in trouble. A growing number of physicists claim it is ill-defined and based on crude assumptions. Something fundamental is missing, they say. The main complaint is that rather than describing one universe, the theory describes 10500, each with different constants of nature, even different laws of physics.      

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