Intermediate Word:  parterre -  (a) commonplace  (b) patio  (c) floor under balconies  (d) ground floor of a building
Difficult Word: - cadge   (a)
beg   (b) hoodwink  (c) put down  (d) make do

A Deep Sea Hydrocarbon Factory - SpaceDaily  Before any life existed, there must have been an energy source that could be tapped by primitive life forms. In the laboratory, the researchers recreated the intense heat (more than 700 degrees F) and pressure (400 times air pressure at sea level) that exist on the ocean bottom in parts of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). The team found that under such conditions, hydrocarbons - methane, ethane and propane - could be produced on the surface of minerals rich in iron and chromium. These hydrocarbons may help account for the diverse communities of life that typically thrive around hydrothermal vents.    
Bear's Lair: What's That Sucking Sound? - SpaceDaily  Left:  US-based General Electric displays its new-generation industry system in Shanghai. GE has steadily been de-emphasizing its U.S. manufacturing, recycling more of its capital into the financial services business. In 2003 it announced that China, not the United States, was to become its global production center. Curiously, Joel Kutkin of the New America Foundation used Britain as an example of the dreadful things that might happen to the United States if it abandoned manufacturing. In my view, the British parallel is rather reassuring than otherwise; the country has retained a very reasonable level of prosperity, economic growth and productivity growth while specializing almost entirely in the services sector.  

Sonofusion Research Reactor Now Available from Impulse Devices - SpaceDaily  Impulse Devices, a developer of sonofusion power (acoustic inertial confinement fusion, AICF), announced Monday the availability of its research reactor to laboratories, universities, power equipment manufacturers and utilities attempting to produce a new alternative energy. "Now, for the first time, developers of fusion energy to replace oil, coal, nuclear, wind and solar power can own an AICF reactor," said Mark Ludwig, CEO of Impulse Devices (IDI). "The technology could produce energy on a break-even basis in five years and enough net energy for electricity production in 10 years.   

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