Intermediate Word:  acronym -  (a) nickname  (b) name formed from initials  (c) contracted name  (d) false name
Difficult Word: - parenchyme   (a)
sap-bearing layer of a plant stem   (b) parenthesis mark  (c) nictitating membrane  (d) organ tissue

Life-Swapping Scenarios for Earth and Mars - SpaceDaily  Could Mars be a domain for both microbes flung off Earth due to asteroid and comet impacts, as well as a planet where a "second genesis" might have also occurred? "If life was transferred between the planets, then Martian life, past and present, should have similar characteristics to early Earth life," Blank said. "On the other hand, if there was a second genesis, then life on Mars should be very different than life on Earth, and may in fact be quite difficult to detect or even recognize as life…particularly if it has gone extinct!"      
Evergreen Unveils Thin Wafer Breakthrough For String Ribbon Solar Tech - SpaceDaily  Evergreen Solar has announced a major advance in the development of its String Ribbon manufacturing process that has the potential to produce silicon wafers thinner than 150 microns. "The yield from the pilot quantities of our thin wafers processed into solar cells and assembled into complete panels has been encouraging. As a result, we will methodically scale our pilot operations and debug our wafer, cell and panel manufacturing processes for thin ribbons. Based on our preliminary work to date, we would expect to be able to achieve production status by the end of 2005.     

Green Mountain Introduces New Price Point For "Pollution Free" Power - SpaceDaily  Green Mountain Energy Company, one of the nation's leading residential providers of cleaner electricity, announced today its introduction of a new product for Texas residential customers - Pollution Freeelectricity from Green Mountain Energy Company. 
Residential customers in Texas' competitive markets can now purchase clean, affordable electricity at no additional cost over the price charged by their local electric utility. 100% Wind electricity from Green Mountain Energy Company is priced at a variable rate that will be about $10 more per month for the average Texan.  

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