Intermediate Word:  alewife (a) fish  (b) alcoholic  (c) alcoholic's wife  (d) raincoat
Difficult Word: - ankylosis - (a)
connection at an odd angle  (b) a sprained ankle  (c) abnormal fusion of bones  (d) a slow, maddening drip

Cell-Based Nano Machine Breaks Nano-Record - SpaceDaily  Researchers have known for some time that a long, fibrous coil grown by a single-cell protozoan is, gram for gram, more powerful than a car engine.. Now, researchers at Whitehead Institute - together with colleagues at MIT, Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA, and University of Illinois, Chicago - have found that this coil is far stronger than previously thought. In the past, researchers have measured the Vorticella's ability to recoil its spring at 40 nano newtons of force and at a speed of eight centimeters per second, units of measurement that are typically too large to be relevant for biological processes.    
Mug of tea Tea 'reduces ovarian cancer risk'  - BBC  Left:  At least two cups of tea a day cut the risk of ovarian cancer by 46%  The team quizzed over 60,000 women, 301 of whom developed ovarian cancer. The Archives of Internal Medicine study said more research was needed, and UK experts added there was still no proof of the benefits. Previous research has shown tea helps to protect against several types of cancer, and boosts memory. Each year about 6,900 women in the UK are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with more than 4,600 deaths annually. Women who drank one cup of tea a day had a 24% reduced risk, while those having less than one cup had 18% less risk.

Spider Robots And The Space Web - SpaceDaily  Robotic 'spiders' could be the key to building large-scale structures in space, according to ESA's Advanced Concepts Team. The tiny mechanical spiders would inch their way across large nets of fabric in space performing small tasks or lining up to create an antenna or some other structure. The concept is known as a Furoshiki satellite after the Japanese word for a cloth used to wrap up possessions. It could revolutionise satellite-based applications such as telecommunications, navigation and Earth observation using radars, by providing cost effective large antennas in space that can be launched on relatively small rockets.     

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