Intermediate Word:  vesicle -  (a) cavity   (b) water pitcher  (c) primitive coracle made with wooden frame and stretched skins  (d) type of acrostic
Difficult Word: - Laocoon   (a) ancient Sumerian lawgiver  (b) Egyptian poet known for timeless ideas  (c) Greek god of the seasons  (d) 
priest of Troy killed for warning against Trojan horse

Robotic Fish From China - Space.com  The black-bodied robot fish is about four feet long, and resembles a real fish in both shape and movement. The robot is controlled remotely with a palm-sized control pad. It also has automatic navigation controls and swims at about four kilometers per hour for up to three hours. This sophisticated robot might be the direct ancestor of the Mitsubishi turbot, the robofish that is the star of Michael Swanwick's 2002 novelette Slow Life. Read more about the underwater robotic fish.    
US Spying On Head Of UN Atomic Agency - Washington Post  US President George W. Bush's administration has listened in on phone calls between Mohamed ElBaradei and Iranian diplomats, seeking ammunition to oust ElBaradei as head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency, The Washington Post said Sunday. "The intercepted calls have not produced any evidence of nefarious conduct by ElBaradei," the Post said, quoting three unnamed US officials who had read the transcripts. Senator Joseph Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told CNN that the eavesdropping had not revealed ElBaradei had done anything wrong or "inappropriate." "He hasn't given the administration (of US President George W. Bush) what they wanted to hear. He turned out to be right about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction," Biden said of ElBaradei.   

Heart monitor

Finger test 'spots heart disease'  - BBC  The reactive hyperaemia peripheral arterial tonometry (RH-PAT) test uses a probe to measure how the volume of a fingertip changes as blood pulses through it. One measurement is taken, then a blood pressure cuff is inflated to restrict blood flow to the arm for five minutes. Another reading is taken once the cuff has been removed to see how quickly vessels in the fingertip respond to the initial rush of blood. Ninety-four patients took part in the study. The results of this standard test showed none had coronary artery disease. But the RH-PAT test indicated 55 showed signs of endothelial dysfunction.

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