SAT-Practice Word of the Day: florid
Intermediate Word of the Day: apotropaic
Difficult Word of the Day: lixiviate


A mighty tumult filled the skies,
Earth shuddered, and the sun fell back.
Before uncomprehending eyes,
The buttercups turned black.
Against uncomprehending ears
The thunder of the earthquake rolled,
And all the vast, astonished herd
Was stricken by the cold.

This happened. This is not a tale
Torn from a science fiction book.
There was a day like any other day.
A meadow and a brook,
And deep amid the buttercups
The drowsy mammoths grazed at noon,
Unmindful of the strange new star
That blazed beneath the sun.

Now, in a new-established north,
In regions where no flower grows,
The body of a frozen brute
Emerges from the snows.
The glazed eyes wear their horrer still,
The anguished brow records its doom,
And sill the rigid jaws are locked
Upon a yellow bloom.

The Eskimo beside his fire
And I among my grass
Observe the seasons come and go
And name them as they pass,
Unmindful that a strange new star
Is racing through the Milky Way,
Not yet a shaft of fire by night,
A shaft of smoke by day.

                        Vivian Smallwood - "Window to the South"
* - Mobile, Alabama