Intermediate Word:  Rankine (a) 19th-century British explorer  (b) engine cycle consisting of two adiabatics and two isothermals  (c) Fahrenheit temperature above absolute zero  (d) prize for best short story
Difficult Word: - sphagyric -
pertaining to (a) whorls  (b) involution  (c) alchemy  (d) spore-bearing plants

Swimming competition Tiny swimmer makes a splash - PhysicsWeb   Left:  Swimming competition  Physicists in Israel have designed a tiny swimming robot that could help to answer fundamental questions in biology and may also have applications in medical nanotechnology. The "micro-swimmer" also outperforms, in theory, other man-made swimmers and simple biological organisms (New Journal of Physics 7 234).  
SpaceDev Orders SpaceX Falcon Launch Vehicle - SpaceDaily  SpaceDev has signed a contract with SpaceX to purchase specified launch services on a Falcon I launch vehicle. The launch vehicle is planned for multiple primary microsatellite payloads and multiple secondary nanosatellite payloads produced by SpaceDev or other suppliers. SpaceDev has tentatively scheduled the first launch for May 2008, with additional optional launches to follow. "SpaceDev considers the Falcon I launch vehicle, which is capable of delivering more than 600kg (1300 pounds) to low earth orbit, to be one of the most cost-effective ($4,500 per pound) domestic launch vehicles currently available. SpaceDev's success in obtaining contracts to develop microsats and to conduct feasibility studies for multiple microsats and nanosats, as well as research commissioned by the California Space Authority, indicate that the demand for SpaceDev's type of low cost high performance space vehicles is increasing."   

Bush Aide Hints At US Targets On Greenhouse Gas Emissions - SpaceDaily  US President George W. Bush's top environmental adviser hinted Tuesday that Washington could be ready to agree to voluntary targets on greenhouse gas emissions. "I don't discount targets, I don't discount voluntary partnership measures," James Connaughton told BBC radio during a visit to London ahead of a major UN environmental conference in Montreal that opens next Monday. Connaughton said his view reflected a shift by other members of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations, rather than a U-turn by the United States which never adopted the Kyoto protocol on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.   

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