Intermediate Word:  kestrel (a) slightly larger version of a firkin  (b) falcon (c) rope-spreader block  (d) whip with knotted cords
Difficult Word: -portecochere - (a)
archway through which a bride and groom pass  (b) wine carafe  (c) major life milestone  (d) roofed carriage entrance

Virgin Galactic Sets Deal With New Mexico Spaceport - Space.com  Sir Richard Bransonís Virgin Galactic space travel company has ironed out an agreement to utilize a futuristic spaceport to be built in New Mexico, with first flights of a suborbital spaceliner now planned in late 2008, early 2009. According to an Associated Press (AP) account of todayís press event, Branson has worked a deal with New Mexico that involves a 20-year lease on the spaceport, a facility that is price tagged at $225 million to build.      
Ambarella's chip Upstart aims to bring HD camcorders to the masses - C/Net  High-definition consumer video cameras are tough to find these days and cost around $1,800. But next year, you might be able to grab one for $799, according to a camera chip upstart. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Ambarella has devised a family of multicore microprocessors that it says can compress and process HD video efficiently and cheaply. The company's chips could be incorporated into a video camera selling for around $799 or into digital still cameras, which would become capable of taking high-resolution stills (8 megapixels or so) as well as TV-quality video. Three major camera makers have already begun to build experimental cameras using Ambarella's chips."Two out of the three have fairly solid product plans." said Didier LeGall, Ambarella's VP.    

The secret of 'muscular' old age  - BBC  Scientists believe they have found a way to enable the elderly to maintain muscle. Once adults reach 40, they start to lose between 0.5 and 2% of their muscle each year. Muscle is constantly being built and broken down, which works to maintain a balance in young adults. French researchers, writing in the Journal of Physiology, say adding the amino acid leucine to old people's diets could help them keep muscle. Leucine is found in meat soy, beans and legumes, among other foods. when the scientists boosted levels of one amino acid, leucine, the balance of synthesis and breakdown was restored.

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