Intermediate Word:  gesticulate - (a) segmented   (b) to reinforce speech with gestures  (c) to tease  (d) to perform an obeisance
Difficult Word: - rhabdomancy   (a) reading of entrails  (b) reading of runes  (c) palm reading  (d) water dousing

For Pure Nanotubes, Just Add Water - Space.com  Researchers from the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have added water to the standard method of manufacturing carbon nanotubes to produce tall, dense, vertically-aligned stands of pure nanotubes. The researchers have made stands of single-wall carbon nanotubes as tall as 2.5 millimeters and 99.98 percent pure. Individual nanotubes range from one to three nanometers in diameter.      
Chilly Quaoar had a warmer past  - Nature  Ice crystals have been discovered on Quaoar, a mysterious object in the outer reaches of the Solar System. The discovery suggests that Quaoar and many similar objects could be much warmer and more geologically active than had been thought. Apart from Pluto, Quaoar is the largest known object in the Kuiper belt. The crystalline pattern means that when the ice formed, Quaoar must have been warmer than -163C. Below that temperature, water molecules stick together in random patterns to form amorphous ice. Crystalline surface ice would be unlikely to survive bombardment by the solar wind and cosmic rays for more than about 10 million years, he points out.

Looking Through The IT Crystal Ball - SpaceDaily  Personal computer growth, by unit, is forecast to average 5.7 percent annually from 2006 through 2008, according to Gartner, half the 11.3 percent average of 2003 through 2005 and the research firm expects PC vendors to experience at least 3 lean years after 2005, with three of the top 10 vendors leaving the market by 2007. The second important trend in Asia identified by Gartner will be the growing importance of Open Source software, with 60 percent of large and mid-size government agencies in the region expected to use Open Source by 2010. The third important trend will be the rising use of VoIP and IP telephony.  

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