SAT-Practice Word of the Day: adulation
Intermediate Word of the Day: quodlibet
Difficult Word of the Day: limpkin


This love that is as much a part of me
As flesh and blood and bone--this love that wakes
Like an old wound each time the weather breaks
Or the clouds gather, and will not let me be--
This love that is as wild and strange and free
As sea-birds, and as dull and full of aches
As an old woman nibbling nutless cakes
And grumbling at the tea leaves in her tea--

Being so much a part of what I am,
Being the thing it is, this love must pass,
And you will wake at night to hear the slan
Of shutters and the whispering of the grass
And, lonelier than you ever thought you'd be,
Will weep for love, who never wept for me.