Intermediate Word:  sebacous - (a) sandy   (b) opverweight  (c) slow-moving  (d) pertaining to sebum (body oil)
Difficult Word: - pyriform   (a) jagged (like fire)  (b) pear-shaped  (c) tapering  (d) double-bulbed

Russia Reveals New Missile Threat - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Russian news reports said at least some of the planes will now be re-equipped with a new smaller missile which in Russian is called OFAB-500 and which carries a massive cluster bomb weighing 515 kilograms (1,130 pounds)."  Russia revealed Monday it was fitting its strategic bombers with cruise missiles - capable of delivering massive precision strikes thousands of kilometers away - giving the first clear hint of its post-Cold War military strategy. Putin declared last month that Russia had "conducted tests of the latest nuclear rocket systems" in a cryptic comment that puzzled military strategists but seemed aimed at Washington and its mooted missile defense shield that Moscow considers illegal.    
Earthlings' Low Signal-To-Noise? - SpaceDaily  If ET ever phones home, chances are Earthlings wouldn't recognize the call as anything other than random noise or a star. New research shows that highly efficient electromagnetic transmissions from our neighbors in space would resemble the thermal radiation emitted by stars. University of Michigan physicist Mark Newman, along with biologist Michael Lachmann and computer scientist Cristopher Moore, have extended the pioneering 1940s research of Claude Shannon to electromagnetic transmissions in a paper published last month in the American Journal of Physics called, "The Physical Limits of Communication, or Why any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from noise."     

Mars Rovers Spot Water-Clue Mineral, Frost - SpaceDaily  Scientists have identified a water-signature mineral called goethite in bedrock that the NASA's Mars rover Spirit examined in the "Columbia Hills," one of the mission's surest indicators yet for a wet history on Spirit's side of Mars. Goethite forms only in the presence of water, whether in liquid, ice or gaseous form. Hematite, a mineral that had previously been identified in Columbia Hills bedrock, usually, but not always, forms in the presence of water. "In the lower portion of the cliff, the layers show very strong indications that they were last transported by wind, not by water like some layers higher up." 

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