SAT-Practice Word of the Day: deleterious
Intermediate Word of the Day: goy
Difficult Word of the Day: favonian

                      THE TRAVELER

What was it like on that small blue star
At the edge of the Milky Way?

Oh, there were rocks and trees and sand
And hills and valleys and level land.
The seasons changed with the changing sun,
And the rivers ran to the sea.

So much color and so much light!
You should have seen the sky at night,
You should have seen the sky at dawn. There were puddles of rain on an April lawn
And daisies brightened the fields of May.
Lichens grew on the ancient stone
And gulls flew over the bay.

And marvelous things were done by men,
Strange and marvelous things.
They built their towns at the water's edge,
And they carved their roads on the mountain ledge,
And they gave their engines wings.

They bridged the rivers and tunneled rock,
They captured the waterfall,
And they measured time with a ticking clock
And a calender on the wall.
Yes, this was the strangest thing of all--
They stood in the heart of the infinite
And tried to measure it, bit by bit,
With nothing more than a ticking clock
And a calender on the wall.