Intermediate Word:  devolve - (a) to degenerate   (b) to delegate  (c) to slow the rate of rotation  (d) to become involuted
Difficult Word: - veronica   (a) dance step  (b) bullfighting maneuver  (c) color between lilac and mauve  (d) lacey handkerchief

With Proof of Ancient Water on Mars, Researchers Consider Life's Chances - Space.com  Researchers can now say definitively that Mars once supported a watery environment, but whether the red planet could have ever supported life is still far from certain.  The success of NASA's Mars rover Opportunity in finding tell-tale signs of past water at its Meridiani Planum landing site has left some researchers believing the region could have once been a habitable, albeit still hostile, environment.      
Bee pollinating a flower Honey 'could help fight cancer' - SpaceDaily  Honey and royal jelly could become part of the arsenal of weapons against cancer, researchers say. A team from the University of Zagreb, in Croatia, found a range of honey-bee products stopped tumours growing or spreading in tests on mice. Injecting the mice with royal jelly at the same time as they were injected with tumour cells significantly reduced the spread of the cancer. When propolis or caffeic acid, a chemical found in propolis, were injected, researchers saw significantly reduced subcutaneous tumour growth and an increase in the survival time of mice.   

Quantum Memory For Light - SpaceDaily   The current experiment paves the way for new experiments in which the information contained in light can be mapped onto atomic clusters and then back into the light again. In this way, one could not only store the state of light in an atomic clusters, but also retrieve it. This process will be necessary if we want to build quantum repeaters, that is, devices which will allow the extension of quantum communication far beyond the distances (of the order of 100 km) which are achieved nowadays. In the microscopic world, it is not possible to copy the quantum information from one system into another one. It can only be transferred, without leaving any trace on the original one. 

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