SAT-Practice Word of the Day: precarious
Intermediate Word of the Day: quotidian
Difficult Word of the Day: favonian

                      MOON WALK

Here lies the last man, on a blackened beach
 Among the rotted weed and crumbling shell
The broken, scattered hands no longer reach,
  The naked jaw has nothing left to tell.
And with him lies the promise of his birth.
  There will be no more like him--no, not one
To sail the seas and plow the willing earth
  And build his shining towers toward the sun.

There may yet be a second miracle
  And on the troubled waters, as before
A frail, dividing cell may feel the pull
 Of countless tides until it finds a shore.
But man lies here, the last of all his race,
  And none like him will rise to take his place.