Intermediate Word:  gros point (a) principal point in formal logic  (b) oversized rocky prominence at the end of a headland  (c) oversized needle  (d) oversized stitch
Difficult Word: - fanion - (a)
crepuscular fan of sunlight  (b) surveyor's flag  (c) shipboard post for sheeting a sail  (d) diversionary military tactic

Transforming Space: California Continues Legacy as Space Development Epicenter - Space.com   It's only natural for California to finally flex its aerospace muscle, despite the media's premature reporting of the industry's demise in the state and the growth of other “aerospace states” such as Florida, Texas, Colorado, Alabama, Virginia, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Alaska. Unlike those states, California enjoys a statewide space enterprise community unmatched in the rest of U.S., or the world for that matter.   
Designing The Missions Of The Future  - Science Daily  Action station, an asteroid is threatening our planet! The menace is real and a rapid response must be found. At ESA's Technical Centre in the Netherlands, engineers believe that they have found the solution: hit the asteroid with a projectile to alter its trajectory enough to avoid disaster - that is the Don Quixote mission. "We are working on missions which will be launched in 2030 and beyond," explains the head of the CDF, Massimo Bandecchi. "For example, missions to take people to Mars which require a lengthy development period." "The most interesting missions studied to date are the missions to Mars," says Andrea Santovincenzo Future Mars exploration missions are envisaged to continue with robotic reconnaissance missions within 5-10 years, followed by manned flights and then full-scale expeditions to explore the Red Planet.    

Approval For Chandrayan Lunar Mission Pending  - Science Daily  India is awaiting clearance from the Bush administration for finalising an American payload on top of India's first ever unmanned moon mission, Chandrayan, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman G Madhavan Nair said on Friday. "We have already selected two (European) payloads for Chandrayan and we have also got interest from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to place their payload in our moon mission. But for this we need some government clearances from the US side," Nair told reporters here. NASA plans to deploy mini-synthetic aperture radar (MSAR) and spectrometer.    

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