Intermediate Word:  adjuvant (a) military lawyer  (b) Indo-Chinese porter  (c) auxiliary pharmacological agent that amplifies the main drug  (d) entry vestibule in an abbey
Difficult Word: - variolate - (a)
pock-marked  (b) a miscellany  (c) mechanical randomizer  (d) to deviate from a plan

Russian Technologies Can Put Cosmonauts On Moon  - Science Daily  Despite Russia's 30-fold disadvantage in financing its space effort as compared with America's, it has greater chances of being the first in reaching the Moon this time, or perhaps the Mars. The paradox is that the Americans have put all their money in the transport system being developed by NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and its budgetary division. It appears that American astronautics is hostage to fortune, in fact, to one of its own programs, or rather to the enormous sums sunk into its implementation.     
New wings for warfare - Seattle Times  Left:  A plastic mock-up of the unmanned X-45C bomber exhibits a flat profile, no windows and, where the cockpit should be, a hole for engine air intake. Boeing is competing against Northrop Grumman for a Defense Department contract.  Sitting in a parking lot inside Boeing's research complex across from the Museum of Flight, the craft has a 49-foot wingspan and measures 39 feet from nose tip to tail. Smart bombs hang down below the wings. The Boeing-designed X-45 is unmanned. The airplane is "piloted" by someone watching a computer screen in a fortified trailer that can be deployed near a war zone.  

RIDC-01 not only does the dusting, but keep its owner entertained by projecting DVD onto the wall (Image: AFP/Getty)

Robotic butlers sweep the floor at show - New Scientist  Left:  RIDC-01 not only does the dusting, but keep its owner entertained by projecting DVD onto the wall (Image: AFP/Getty)  Robotic butlers and household helpers have gone on show alongside more conventional industrial machines at the world's largest robot show in Tokyo, Japan. These include Hitachi's EMIEW which can perform basic household tasks, such as fetching items from another room. The two-wheeled robot keeps its balance using a set of internal gyroscopes, as demonstrated by two videos, available here and here (require Windows Media Player). EMIEW can also recognise and locate its owner by listening for their voice. Another Japanese robotics firm called Tmsuk also unveiled a domestic robot, named RIDC-01. Other robots designed to make life easier in the home include NEC's PaPeRo. Roughly the size of a waste-paper basket, PaPeRo can respond to calls and plays games with humans. It is designed to act as a companion for young children or the elderly. One new industrial robot on display is a two-armed automobile-making bot created by Japanese company Motoman. With long multi-jointed arms, the robot is capable of very rapid manufacturing. 

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