SAT-Practice Word of the Day: insuperable
SAT-Practice Word of the Day: assiduous
Intermediate Word of the Day: gore
Difficult Word of the Day: peepul


I shall not close my window to a night
   So filled with gentle sounds, nor brush away
The friendly dark with artificial light.
    Careless of what her creatures have to say.
If crickets still have time for cricket-talk
    I still have time to listen. If the bird
Wakes on his bough above my garden-walk
   I am not willing he should sing unheard.

It is enough to lock the winter out,
    To turn away the north wind and the cold.
They too may have some things to talk about,
    And some night when the years have made me bold
I may yet wrap my scarf beneath my chin,
    Unlatch the door and ask the winter in.

                        Vivian Smallwood - "Window to the South"