Intermediate Word:  flense   (a) rime ice  (b) mob rule  (c) to intercalate  (d) to scrape off blubber
Difficult Word: - ochlocracy  (a) governed by the smartest  (b) mob rule  (c) rule by criminals  (d) government by appointed individuals

Physicists Say Big Bang was 'Nothing Special' - Space.com  "We like to say that the big bang is nothing special in the history of our universe," said Sean Carroll, an Assistant Professor in Physics at the University of Chicago. The big bang could be a normal event in the natural evolution of the universe that will happen repeatedly over incredibly vast time scales as the universe expands, empties out and cools off, say Carroll and graduate student Jennifer Chen.     
Watts From Wastewater: New Device Produces Power While Treating Sewage: SpaceDaily  A new technology is being developed that can turn raw sewage into raw power. The device, called a microbial fuel cell, not only treats wastewater, but also provides a clean energy source with the potential for enormous financial savings, according to scientists at Pennsylvania State University. Although power output is still relatively low, they say the technology is improving rapidly and eventually could be used to run a small wastewater treatment plant, which would be especially attractive in developing countries. It also could be used to treat waste from animal farms, food processing plants and even manned space missions.     

Research on "Holes" May Unearth Causes of Superconductivity- SpaceDaily  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have uncovered another possible clue to the causes of high-temperature superconductivity, a phenomenon in which the electrical resistance of a material disappears below a certain temperature. In a superconducting compound, they found evidence of a rarely seen arrangement of "holes" – locations where electrons are absent. The results appear in the October 28, 2004, issue of Nature. In SCO (Strontium, Copper & Oxygen), the scientists found evidence of a "hole crystal" – a rigid, ordered arrangement of holes.   

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