Intermediate Word:  melange   (a) botched job  (b) tapioca with raisins and whipped cream  (c) mixture  (d) debutante
Difficult Word: - umiak  (a) fermented mare's milk  (b) large, open Eskimo boat  (c) feathered totem stick  (d) Mongolian dance

Brazil Completes Successful Rocket Launch - Space.com  The successful launch would not only restore the reputation of Latin America's first space program, but it would also allow it to follow through on plans to export the rockets to the European Space Agency where it would reportedly replace the equivalent British-made Skylark rocket. Brazil plans to sell up to 15 of the rockets, which can carry up to 870 pounds and fly up to 155 miles. The program was dealt a huge blow in August 2003 when its VLS-1 VO3 rocket exploded in a fiery ball on the launch platform.   
Switching One Light Beam With Another Key To Photonic Chips  - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scanning electron microscope photo of a ring resonator coupled to two straight waveguides. By making the resonator either transparent or opaque to a particular wavelength of light, a photonic circuit could control whether or not the light passes from one straight waveguide to the other.  Cornell University researchers have demonstrated for the first time a device that allows one low-powered beam of light to switch another on and off on silicon, a key component for future "photonic" microchips in which light replaces electrons. The approach confines the beam to be switched in a circular resonator, greatly reducing the space required and allowing a very small change in refractive index to shift the material from transparent to opaque.

Dolphin Heads Over 47 Million Years  - SpaceDaily  Left:  Dolphin brains are four to five times larger for their body size when compared to another animal of similar size. In humans, the measure is seven times larger - not a huge difference."  In the first-ever comprehensive analysis of its kind, a new Emory University study maps how brain size changed in dolphins and their relatives the past 47 million years, and helps to provide some answers to how the species evolved in relation to humans. Many modern toothed whale species (odontocetes) have extremely high encephalization levels - possessing brains that are significantly larger than expected for their body sizes and second only to those of modern humans.  

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