Intermediate Word:  fubsy   (a) chubby  (b) gauche  (c) humorous  (d) altricial
Difficult Word: - masnad  (a) female member of orgiastic cult  (b) growth on scalp  (c) frenzied attack  (d) coming-of-age ceremony

Minority Report-Style 'Data CAVE' Created By Purdue Researchers - Space.com  In Minority Report, Tom Cruise plays a detective who uses an immersive computer environment to solve crimes. The 'data CAVE' (Configurable Automatic Virtual Environment) brings together information from disparate souces, making it easier for detectives to see patterns and perpetrators. The film is based on Philip K. Dick's remarkable 1956 short story of the same name; in the story, the Precrime analytical wing stands by to interpret the fevered words of the three precogs.      
Fuel Cells: The Next Generation - SpaceDaily  Sossina Haile, an associate professor of materials science and chemical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, is an expert in fuel cells, and she has been whittling away at the heat problem for years. Now she and her colleagues have not only solved the problem, they've smashed it. They've brought the temperature down to about 600 degrees Celsius (1100 degrees Fahrenheit), while achieving more power output than others are achieving at the higher temperatures - about 1 watt per square centimeter of fuel cell area. They accomplished this by changing the cathode.     

Measuring Cosmic Distances With Stellar Heart Beats - SpaceDaily  Left: The two observation techniques used for the interferometric version of the Baade-Wesselink method are high-resolution spectroscopy (left) and interferometry (right). The former provides the radial velocity curve over the pulsation cycle of the star. When integrated, this in turn provides the linear radius variation of the star (in metres). The interferometric observations document variation of the star's angular radius. The ratio of these two quantities gives the distance of the Cepheid. Credit: ESO.  Taking advantage of the very high spatial resolution provided by the Very Large Telescope Interferometer, a team of French and Swiss astronomers* has measured directly the change in angular diameter of four southern Cepheid variable stars over their pulsation cycle. 

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