Intermediate Word:  reticule   (a) eyepiece  (b) drawstring purse  (c) crosshairs  (d) net
Difficult Word: - galop  (a) goulash made with pasta shells  (b) multi-color shift  (c) hiccups  (d) lively dance

Discovery Of Two-Dimensional Fabric Denotes Dawn Of New Materials Era - SpaceDaily  Researchers at The University of Manchester and Chernogolovka, Russia have discovered the world's first single-atom-thick fabric, which reveals the existence of a new class of materials and may lead to transistors made from a single molecule. The research is to be published in Science on 22 October. The team led by Professor Andre Geim at The University of Manchester, has succeeded in extracting individual planes of carbon atoms from graphite crystals, which has resulted in the production of the thinnest possible fabric - graphene.     
Physicists Succeed In Transferring Information Between Matter And Light - SpaceDaily  Left:  Alex Kuzmich and Dzmitry Matsukevich have transferred atomic state information from two clouds of rubidium atoms to a single photon. Photo: Georgia Institute of Technology. A team of physicists at the Georgia Institute of Technology has taken a significant step toward the development of quantum communications systems by successfully transferring quantum information from two different groups of atoms onto a single photon. The work, to be published in the October 22 issue of the journal Science, represents a "building block" that could lead to development of large-scale quantum networks.    

Sandia Refurbishes It's Fusion Z Machine - SpaceDaily  Sandia National Laboratories' Z machine, which last year emitted neutrons to enter the race to provide the world virtually unlimited electricity from, essentially, seawater, has received approval from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to proceed with a $61.7 million refurbishment. The project is called ZR, for Z-Refurbishment. The machine's immediate purpose is to provide data to feed into supercomputers that simulate nuclear weapon explosions and to test materials under extreme conditions. Z-pinches employ high amperages to vaporize tungsten wires thinner than human hairs. 

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