Intermediate Word:  Rosetta stone (a) stone written in both hieroglyphics and Greek  (b) giant rock in the Australian outbackl  (c) world's third-largest diamond  (d) a pinkish marble used to build Renaissance palaces
Difficult Word: - quechua -
(a) alcoholic beverage made from fermented cactus  (b) member of Incon ruling caste  (c) edible clam  (d) brightly dyed serape

Scientists Create Nanostructures - SpaceDaily  Left:  The invention of the STM during the early 1980s was the catalyst of the nanoscale technological revolution, not only for imaging, but also for interacting with matter at the atomic scale, the researchers said   German scientists say they've found combining a scanning tunneling microscope and atoms bound to a surface can create nanostructures. Francesca Moresco and colleagues at Freie University in Berlin said the interaction between the tip of a STM and atoms or molecules bound to a surface can be used to construct impressive nanostructures, such as the quantum corral. Moresco and colleagues say they go a step further by moving and organizing metal atoms on a substrate. 
SpaceDev Claims Lunar Missions Can Be Completed For Less Than $10Bn - SpaceDaily  SpaceDev has announced the results of its International Lunar Observatories Human Servicing Mission, conducted for Lunar Enterprise Corporation. NASA recently announced plans for a Lunar mission expected to cost $104 billion over 13 years. SpaceDev's results indicate a more comprehensive series of missions could be completed in a fraction of the time for one-tenth of the cost. Each mission, as envisioned by SpaceDev, would position a habitat module in Lunar orbit or on the moon's surface.     

The Mothman Adventures - SpaceDaily  Until aliens are found, astrobiologists have to content themselves with studying weird life on Earth. Studies of organisms living in harsh or unusual environments here can suggest the possibilities for life elsewhere in the universe. Charles Cockell, professor and chair of microbiology at the Open University in the UK, has been to the ends of the Earth studying different organisms. Before his career as an astrobiologist began, he went on an expedition to fly around the forests of Indonesia like a giant bug. Cockell described how he outwitted moths and the military, only to be brought down by a rogue tree.     

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