Intermediate Word:  ebullient    (a) undiplomatic  (b) boiling and bubbling  (c) bull-in-a-china-shop  (d) retiring
Difficult Word: -haik   (a) hairstreak  (b)
large cloth worn as Arab outer garment  (c) Viet Namese pastry  (d) billiards rack

Tracking The Mediterranean Seashore - SpaceDaily  Left:  Desertification is not the spread of existing deserts but the loss of a landscape's productive capacity through degradation, often due to human activities, such as overfarming or land clearance. It is a global problem, recognised as such by the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD). Arid or dryland ecosystems across the world are at risk, which includes European territory bordering the Mediterranean. A new satellite-based service called DesertWatch offers continuous monitoring of susceptible areas. Credits: AP Photo/Keystone, Sandro Campardo  The severe droughts and forest fires of recent years underline Mediterranean Europe's continuing vulnerability to desertification 300 000 square kilometres of territory are currently affected, threatening the livelihoods of 16.5 million Europeans. A new satellite-based service is set to provide a continuous monitoring of regions most at risk. "Desertification is a common problem across Mediterranean nations, because of circumstances in common: similar historical backgrounds, climatic conditions, land use patterns, cultural characteristics and vegetation types." 
Huge Black Holes Formed Quickly After Big Bang - Space.com  Incredibly massive black holes had fully matured just a billion years after the birth of the universe, according to two separate studies. In a study announced today, a black hole catalogued as SDSSp J1306 appears to be about one billion times as massive as the Sun. It is 12.7 billion light-years away. The universe is thought to be 13.7 billion years old. A similarly massive and distant (12.8 billion light-years) black hole was studied recently.   

China To Accomplish Lunar Probe Program In 13 Years: Scientist - SpaceDaily  A similarly massive and distant black hole was studied recently. These remarks were made by Ouyang Ziyuan, the program's chief scientist, at the ongoing annual conference of China Association of Science and Technology held in Bo'ao, southernmost Hainan Province, on Sunday. Ouyang said that the program will embrace three major stages, namely, a moon surrounding probe; a lunar probe based on soft landing vehicles and moon roamers; and automatic lunar sampling and returning to the Earth. Ouyang said a satellite dubbed Chang'e I will be launched to orbit the moon before 2007. 

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