Intermediate Word:  peruke   (a) bib nnd tucker  (b) stuffed shirt  (c) mameluke chieftain  (d) wig
Difficult Word: - kepi  (a) African tribal dignitary  (b) French military cap  (c) spear with sharp wooden point  (d) sarong

Strong Tides Can Trigger Earthquakes - SpaceDaily  "The earthquakes would have happened anyway, but they can be pushed sooner or later by the stress fluctuations of the tides. "Scientists have long suspected the tides played a role, but no one has been able to prove that for earthquakes worldwide until now." Cochran and Vidale analyzed more than 2,000 earthquakes worldwide, magnitude 5.5 and higher, which struck from 1977 to 2000. "These earthquakes show a correlation with tides because along continent edges ocean tides are strong," Vidale said, "and the orientation of the fault plane is better known than for faults elsewhere."    
"Brain" In A Dish Could Fly A Plane - SpaceDaily  Left:  "If we can extract the rules of how these neural networks are doing computations like pattern recognition, we can apply that to create novel computing systems."  A University of Florida scientist has grown a living "brain" that can fly a simulated plane, giving scientists a novel way to observe how brain cells function as a network. The "brain" - a collection of 25,000 living neurons, or nerve cells, taken from a rat's brain and cultured inside a glass dish - gives scientists a unique real-time window into the brain at the cellular level. As living computers, they may someday be used to fly small unmanned airplanes.

Contraceptive pill

Pill 'may cut heart disease risk'  - BBC The oral contraceptive pill may protect women from heart disease and some cancers, scientists suggest. The research, presented to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting in Philadelphia, involved more than 160,000 women. The Wayne State University, Detroit, study contradicts previous research which suggested the Pill increased the risk of those conditions. The Detroit study - one of the largest ever done into the Pill's long term effects - shows the overall risk of developing heart disease was about 10% lower in women who've taken the pill for at least a year.  

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