Intermediate Word:  osculation (a) dimple  (b) point where two branches of a curve have a common tangent  (c) switching back and forth   (d) exclamation of surprise
Difficult Word: - grammatology  study of
(a) grains and grasses  (b) weights and measures  (c) graphic scripts  (d) fingerprint patterns

SpaceDev Announces SpaceDev Dream Chaser Space Transport System - SpaceDaily  Left:  Subject to the availability of adequate funding, sources for which have not yet been identified, the initial SpaceDev Dream Chaser (illustrated) development plan includes milestones for multiple manned sub-orbital test flights by 2008, and manned test flights to orbit by 2010.  SpaceDev's proprietary hybrid rocket motor technology successfully powered Paul Allen's SpaceShipOne on its historic X Prize winning flights to space last year. To lower risk and cost, the SpaceDev Dream Chaser system is anticipated to combine existing and proven designs and technologies. we believe that our new SpaceDev Dream Chaser vehicle concept is ideal for both suborbital and orbital applications. However, funding is needed if we are going to be able to pursue this exciting new concept." The suborbital SpaceDev Dream Chaser is designed to launch vertically from a simple launch pad.  

Early Earth Likely Had Livable Continents - SpaceDaily  Left:  "The evidence indicates that there was substantial continental crust on Earth within its first 100 million years of existence," said Mojzsis. "It looks like the Earth started off with a bang."  "These results support the view that the continental crust had formed by 4.4-4.5 billion years ago and was rapidly recycled into the mantle," the researchers wrote in Science Express. Led by Professor Mark Harrison of the Australian National University. A 2001 study led by Mojzsis published in the journal Nature showed evidence for the presence of water on Earth's surface roughly 4.3 billion years ago.   

Windup laptops aim to bridge digital divide  - CNN  Left:  Mary Lou Jepsen and Nicholas Negroponte demonstrate a $100 hand-cranked computer.    A U.N. technology summit was focused Thursday on bringing more communications, including Internet access, to developing countries where the cost has been too high and the technology too low-tech. At the same time, several companies and organizations were unveiling their plans to bring the world closer and, in a sense, narrow the digital divide, by providing laptops that cost just US$100 (euro85) to portable, satellite-based radios that can pull in international programming from just about anywhere. (Watch why some want a U.N.-controlled Internet -- 1:27)

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