Intermediate Word:  indigent (a) native to  (b) impoverished  (c) outraged  (d)  exhumed
Difficult Word: - bistoury 
(a) small, secluded cafe  (b) minor surgical knife  (c) barrel cactus  (d) yellow-brown pigment made from beech ash

X Files Opened: The National Security Agency's UFO Investigations Unearthed - Space.com   If the government has nothing to hide, UFO fans often ask, then why is it keeping so many UFO records under lock and key? “Well, it turns out that the government does have something to hide, but it has nothing to do with extraterrestrials,” said Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, D.C.     
Image of vegetables Genes can be 'changed' by foods  - BBC  Several studies in rodents have shown that nutrients and supplements can change the genetics of animals by switching on or off certain genes. In the future, diseases might be reversed by diet in this way, it says. L-methionine altered a gene for glucocorticoid that helps control the animal's response to stress. It added chemical tags, known as methyl groups, to the gene by a process called methylation. Dr Szyf said his work showed how important subtle nutrients and supplements can be. He said one nutrient that scientists believe might influence methylation is folate or folic acid. 

Is Earth In A Vortex Of Space-Time? - SpaceDaily  Left:  An artist's concept of twisted space-time around Earth. More   We'll soon know the answer: A NASA/Stanford physics experiment called Gravity Probe B (GP-B) recently finished a year of gathering science data in Earth orbit. The results, which will take another year to analyze, should reveal the shape of space-time around Earth--and, possibly, the vortex. Our planet spins, and the spin should twist the dimple in space-time created by the Earth, slightly, pulling it around into a 4-dimensional swirl. This is what GP-B went to space to check.  Pulling off the experiment was an exceptional challenge.

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