Intermediate Word:  amanuansis   (a) trasnsition of juvenile mantis to adult  (b) displacement of one feeling for another  (c) illegal immigration using someone else's papers  (d) scribe who takes dictation-
Difficult Word: -bagnio   (a) brothel  (b) high-class cantina  (c) gigolo  (d) type of cruller

Simple wire picks up terahertz waves  - Nature  Left: This terahertz imager is being used to probe the internal structure of a tooth. After years of fiddling around with plastic ribbons and exotic fibres, physicists have found that a simple metal wire is all they need to pick up terahertz radiation. The discovery could speed the development of new medical and security imaging. They will not replace X-rays, because they cannot penetrate metal boxes. But they can distinguish between different chemicals inside a package, each of which absorbs a characteristic set of terahertz frequencies. Terahertz waves could be used to see inside suspect packages at airports
Cancer stem cells produce brain tumours  - Nature  Left:  Cancer stem cells from glioblastomas in human brains triggered similar tumours in mice. The cells that lie at the root of human brain tumours have been isolated, opening the door to treatments that stifle cancer at its source. Researchers believe that tumours grow from a type of "cancer stem cell" that gives rise to other cancerous cells. Cancer stem cells appear to have some of the properties of stem cells, such as the potential to give rise to a larger population of cells, although they are not necessarily the same thing. For example, they may be differentiated cells that undergo a backwards step to take on some of these properties, although the pathway remains unclear. Scientists hope that the ability to pinpoint brain-cancer stem cells will lead to new ways to tackle them. "One question we ask is: 'Can we develop inhibitors to target these cancer stem cells specifically?'" says Jeffrey Rosen, who has studied these cell types at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Discovery Of Real-Time Natural Gas Formation Offers Huge Energy Prospects - SpaceDaily  The company today announced that laboratory evidence shows that the Powder River Basin (PRB) coals are generating natural gas in real time through the ongoing activity of anaerobic microbes (bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen) resident in those coal fields. The company has termed sites where this microbial conversion of hydrocarbon deposits (coals, organic shales, or oil) to methane occurs "Geobioreactors," and believes the careful management of such sites may offer a new long-term solution to U.S. energy needs.   

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