Intermediate Word:  auscuktation (a) guessing one's weight from their appearance  (b) offering unsolicited advice  (c) listening to internal body sounds  (d)  collaboration among two or more physicians
Difficult Word: - aulic 
(a) pertaining to the royal court  (b) functional level of hearing capacity  (c) lanuginous  (d) nubile

Image of breast cancer cells Sugar 'may help in cancer fight'  - BBC  An Association for International Cancer Research team found a complex natural sugar from the glucose family can block the growth of tumours in tests on mice. The sugar molecules work by inhibiting angiogenesis hormones tumours send out to make blood vessel grow. Cancer experts believe a sugar-based treatment could be used to halt tumour growth before it becomes dangerous. The technique uses a complex natural sugar called heparin, the Clinical Cancer Research journal reported. Lead researcher Professor Gordon Jayson, based at Manchester's Christie's Hospital, said clinical trials could start in the next two years.   
Uneven Contest Between Russian, US Spy Satellites: Russian General - SpaceDaily  "Twelve or 13 US information satellites are monitoring us constantly, compared to only one Russian satellite," RIA Novosti news agency quoted General Oleg Gromov as saying. Financing for Russia's space sector amounts to 800 million dollarsmillion euros) a year -- 30 times less than in the United States, RIA Novosti quoted Anatoly Perminov, director of Russia's Federal Space Agency, as saying. "It's utopian to think that you can keep a balance of forces with this level of financing," Perminov said. The general called for new generation satellite technology.   

Rapidly Accelerating Glaciers May Increase How Fast The Sea Level Rises - SpaceDaily  Left:  Seasonal surface melt extent on the Greenland Ice Sheet has been observed by satellite since 1979 and shows an increasing trend. The melt zone, where summer warmth turns snow and ice around the edges of the ice sheet into slush and ponds of meltwater, has been expanding inland and to record high elevations in recent years. Source: Arctic Impacts of Arctic Warming, Cambridge Press, 2004. The Greenland ice sheet contains enough water to raise global sea levels by 15 to 20 feet. Although the entire ice sheet is unlikely to melt in this century, even a small change in the rate of melting could inundate low-lying coastal plains and add enough fresh water to the North Atlantic to change ocean circulation patterns, Tulaczyk said.    

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