Intermediate Word:  nutation (a) a strange act  (b) swimming  (c) permutation  (d)  the act of nodding
Difficult Word: - tatami 
(a) Japanese straw mat  (b) wedding feast  (c) robe worn in an ashram  (d) formal bow (genuflection)

 Former X Prize Rivals Announce Partnership - Space.com   Canada’s London, Ontario-based firm PlanetSpace and the Romanian aerospace company ARCA – both past competitors in the $10 million Ansari X Prize contest for suborbital spaceflight – are pooling their expertise or a joint space project. Sheerin entered the Ansari X Prize with plans for a V2 rocket derived, reusable manned spacecraft dubbed the Canadian Arrow. ARCA's Orizant fieatured a reusable composites-constructed rocket engine.
Nano-Sponges For Toxic Metals - SpaceDaily  Left:  AMMS absorbs large quantities of metals without creating secondary waste, and is disposable as nonhazardous waste. By "reversing" some of the features of SAMMS, the material can also be used for the controlled release of chemical compounds such as biocides. Image credit: PNNL.See 6-minute Real Media video on SAMMS. Read technical explanation of the technology.   Microscopic particles honeycombed with holes only nanometers wide soon could help purify industrial runoff, coal plant smoke, crude oil and drinking water of toxic metals, experts told UPI's Nano World. The particles, made of glass or natural diatomaceous earth, are 5 millionths to 50 millionths of a meter wide and filled with holes a thousand times smaller. 

‘Blended wing’ craft passes wind-tunnel tests - New Scientist  A futuristic "blended wing" plane developed by NASA has passed crucial wind-tunnel tests. These reveal that engineers may have overcome some of the controllability challenges associated with the revolutionary aircraft design. The unusual shape is much more aerodynamic than a normal plane, which means it could use 20% less fuel. And it should also be much quieter for people on the ground because the engines sit on top of its wings instead of hanging below. "We were kind of concerned early on that it was going to be difficult to fly.The bottom line from the test: this particular configuration flew great."    

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