Intermediate Word:  osteomalacia   (a) bony process  (b) cartilage between bones  (c) connective tissue covering the bone  (d) softening of bones
Difficult Word: - eisteddfod   (a) Danish constitution  (b) Anglic midsummer's night feast  (c) Welsh poets/musicians annual gathering  (d) fodder for Santa's reindeer

Quantum Astronomy: The Double Slit Experiment - Space.com  This is a series of four articles each with a separate explanation of different quantum phenomena. Each of the four articles is a piece of a mosaic and so every one is needed to understand the final explanation of the quantum astronomy experiment we propose, possibly using the Allen Array Telescope and the narrow-band radio-wave detectors being build by the SETI Institute and the University of California, Berkeley.      
Genetic analysis Huge potential for gene therapy  - BBC  Scientists have taken an important step towards a new way of treating disease by switching off key genes. It resulted in cholesterol levels being almost halved, and it is hoped the same approach could eventually treat many diseases from diabetes to cancer. So-called "RNA interference therapy" is difficult so this first animal success is considered a significant achievement.  If so - and assuming there are no side effects - then the technique has enormous potential for medical treatments by switching off the genes that cause a wide range of diseases.  

A hopeful prepares for her video profile

Video phones act as dating tools  - BBC  Left:  You can hang up if your date starts twitching uncontrollanly.  "It's the beginning of the end of the blind date as we know it," said Graeme Oxby, 3's marketing director. The response has been so promising that 3 says it is planning to launch a proper commercial dating service soon. Dating services and other more adult match-making services are proving to be a strong stream of revenue worth millions for mobile companies. There are currently about 1.3 million video phones in use in the UK and three times more single people in Britain than there were 30 years ago, 

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