Intermediate Word:  sequela (a) barbed quill  (b) burrowing mite that causes itching  (c) follow-on to a novel  (d)  pathological condition caused by a disease
Difficult Word: - fossa 
(a) hollowed-out place  (b) siege engine  (c) piece of forensic evidence  (d) small Australian marsupial

Hubble Sees Stars as They're Born - Space.com  A new Hubble Space Telescope image reveals stars just in the process of being born amid a fantastic scene of wispy space structures and intense radiation. The stars have yet to condense into small enough packages to trigger thermonuclear fusion, which is what powers stars, but they appear to be on the verge, astronomers said today. The setting is 210,000 light-years away in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way.   
Simulations Show Liquid Water Could Exist on Mars - SpaceDaily  Left:  This Petri dish contains the Mars soil stimulant used in the experiments inside the simulation chamber. Note the layers of ice and dust and the darkening of the dust. Also, water has flowed out onto the surface and in some places lies over dry soil. The mud forms a seal and helps retain water. Photos courtesy of Derek Sears.  University of Arkansas researchers have become the first scientists to show that liquid water could exist for considerable times on the surface of Mars  Chittenden and Sears used a planetary environmental chamber in the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Space Simulation to simulate the conditions found on Mars - an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, 7 millibars of pressure and temperatures from zero degrees Celsius to 25 degrees below.  

Seismologist Creates Early Warning Quake System - SpaceDaily  Left:  This view along the fault plane of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan shows that the 7.6-magnitude rupture started at the star and radiated outward, with each circle representing 3 seconds of time. The green, yellow and red colors indicate regions of high slip. Using ElarmS, it was possible to estimate the final magnitude of the earthquake a mere two seconds after it started, when only the area within the red circle had ruptured. Credits: Douglas Dreger/UC Berkeley, 2001). A University of California, Berkeley seismologist has discovered a way to provide seconds to tens of seconds of advance warning about impending ground shaking from an earthquake. While a few seconds may not sound like much, it is enough time for school children to dive under their desks.    

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