Intermediate Word:  Sisyphus (a) rash Roman general who led decimated Roman forces into the battle of Trasimene Lake  (b) Roman god whose imps steal away "lost" items  (c) Roman general who won a victory so costly that it was said, "One more victory like this and we are lost!"  (d) cruel Corinthian king condemned to forever roll a rock up a hill in Hades only to have it roll right back down again
Difficult Word: - paelia 
(a) banner displayed below a castle parapet  (b) tip of the glottis  (c) rice-vegetable-and-meat Spanish dish  (d) nun in charge of maintaining the altar

Energy-Storage Clothing For Space - SpaceDaily   Researchers at Donghua University have invented new energy-storage clothing to be used in space flights and in daily wear that keep people warm or cool, and always comfortable, regardless of the outdoor temperature. And the phase-change fabric looks and feels just like cotton or wool. Spacemen, spacewomen and ordinary consumers should like it. Donghua University is working with scientists to develop new space suits and other garments for spaceflights, first the space suits for a projected 2007 space walk. The fiber research development is still in an experimental stage. The energy-saving clothing is made of a phase-change fiber, a compound material capable of absorbing or releasing heat when subjected to heating or cooling during a temperature change.  
China Warns Of Five-Fold Increase In Air Pollution In 15 Years - Seattle Times  Left:  File image of a dense blanket of polluted air hovering over central eastern China. The 'Giant Brown Cloud' is an unhealthy mix of ozone, smoke, and other particles from human activities. Credit: NASA/Orbimage.  "In the future 15 years, the population of China will reach 1.46 billion and the GDP will double, the pollution load will increase by four to five times according to the present resource consumption rate and pollution control level," said Zhang Lijun, vice minister of China's environmental agency SEPA. China's GDP growth of more than nine percent is causing more pollutants to be emitted, as more coal is burned for energy and more polluting factories are built.       

Ginseng 'helps to ward off colds'  - BBC  The University of Alberta team found just one in 10 people taking daily ginseng capsules had two colds or more, compared to a quarter of others. Researchers also found ginseng reduced the severity of colds, the Canadian Medical Association Journal reported. In the study of 323 people, the Canadian team gave one group two capsules of North American ginseng a day for four months during the winter and the second group a placebo, or dummy pill. Symptoms and duration of cold were also much less severe - by about a third each - the researchers said. It is thought ingredients in ginseng improve the immune system by stimulating immunoglobin

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