Intermediate Word:  illation (a) libration  (b) sacrificial offering  (c) act of inferring  (d) abdominal distress
Difficult Word: - potatory 
(a) must be cooked before eating  (b) potable  (c) ostentatious  (d) bibulous

Nanotechnology Center Makes Flexible Solar Cell Breakthrough - SpaceDaily  For years, researchers have worked to create flexible, or "conformal," organic solar cells that can be wrapped around surfaces, rolled up or even painted onto structures, but the best scientists have been able to do is about 3 percent efficiency, until now. Researchers at Wake Forest, with the help of researchers at New Mexico State University, have achieved an efficiency rate for organic solar cells of almost 6 percent. Wake Forest researchers hope to reach 10 percent by October 2006, said David Carroll, director of the nanotechnology center at Wake Forest.    
'Gravity tractor' to deflect Earth-bound asteroids - New Scientist  NASA scientists have come up with a surprisingly simple yet effective way to deflect an Earth-bound asteroid park a large spacecraft close by and let gravity do the work. For a 200-metre-wide asteroid, the spacecraft would need to weigh about 20 tonnes and lurk 50 metres from its target for about a year to change its velocity enough to knock it off course. The strategy crucially relies on our ability to detect an asteroid threat about 20 years in advance. For larger asteroids this is realistic.    

IBM demos low-cost 3D TV tech  - C/Net  IBM expects that the technology could be built into a standard DLP television for less than $20. IBM configured the set with its own hardware and software, which takes 3D content and splits it into two images that are later translated as a stereophonic image with the help of "passive" glasses like those one would find in an IMAX theater. The converter box can be retrofitted onto existing projectors for a little more than $1,000, Santoro said.   

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