Intermediate Word:  febrifuge   (a) worm medicine  (b) fever reducer  (c) type of ultra-high-speed centrifuge  (d) 
Difficult Word: - dhow   (a) djebella  (b) lateen-rigged Arabian vessel  (c) an African dish made with plaintain  (d)  a water-pipe

Mining the Moon, the Gateway to Mars - Space.com  In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), the using of native materials and energy sources collected and processed to support human and robotic exploration, would be crucial to the success of manned space missions as ISRU-derived materials would replace those that otherwise would have to be hauled from Earth.   These ISRU products were the topic of discussion at the November 1-3 Space Resources Utilization Roundtable at the Colorado School of Mines.     
Spitzer Sees Ice And Warm Glows In Dark And Dusty Places - SpaceDaily  Left:  Spitzer targeted a group of objects with no known stars to study the properties of such regions before any stars have formed. The first of these "starless cores" to be examined held a surprise: a source of infrared light appeared where none was expected. The core is known as L1014, the 1,014th object in a list of dark, dusty "clouds" compiled by astronomer Beverly Lynds over 40 years ago. These have proved to be homes to a rich variety of molecules and are the birthplaces of stars and planets. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech  Two discoveries - the detection of an oddly dim object inside what was thought to be an empty cloud, and the discovery of icy planetary building blocks in a system believed to resemble our own solar system in its infancy - were presented today at the first Spitzer science conference in Pasadena, Calif.  

Sino-EU Aerospace Co-Op To Break American Monopoly - SpaceDaily  China and the EU have reiterated their commitment on cooperating to develop the Galileo system, determined, they say, not to let the United States have a monopoly on the technology and service. Nobody can dominate space. The Galileo Program will be completed by around 2008. Sino-EU cooperation on aerospace technology, for the benefit of all societies, is irreversible. This is the consensus reached between insiders from China and the EU. It is widely agreed that breaking the monopoly on aerospace technology is the fundamental aim of the China-EU aerospace alliance. 

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