Intermediate Word:  karst   (a) Incan magic geis  (b) cavern- and sinkhole-filled limestone  (c) jussive  (d) a windswept mesa
Difficult Word: - livre   (a) French poundr  (b) Belgian equivalent to a shilling  (c) steps preparing a horse for a showing  (d) pantomimed theatrical performance

U.S. Air Force Takes a Look at Teleportation - Space.com  It seems that mere stealth technology is not enough; the United States Air Force wants to get from here to there without even traversing the space in between. Are they looking for a Star Trek(TM) transporter? Or maybe even a farcaster from science fiction writer Dan Simmons' awesome novel Hyperion, which lets you step from one planet to the next? The Teleportation Physics Study was done by Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics. 
Space Treaty, Not Weapons, Needed, Expert Says - Space.com  The development and deployment of space-based weapons by the U.S. military will not only encourage other nations to do the same, but leave vital non-weapon spacecraft vulnerable to attack, according to one weapons expert. Instead, Garwin proposed the development of a formal treaty among nations banning space weapons and anti-satellite spacecraft to draw lines across what type of weaponry – if any – is internationally acceptable in space.     

Exclusive: Rules Set for $50 Million 'America’s Space Prize' - Space.com   Anyone who wants to follow in the shoes of Burt Rutan and win the next big space prize will have to build a spacecraft capable of taking a crew of no fewer than five people to an altitude of 400 kilometers and complete two orbits of the Earth at that altitude. Then they have to repeat that accomplishment within 60 days. While the first flight must demonstrate only the ability to carry five crew members, the winner will have to take at least five people up on the second flight. And one more thing. They have to do it by Jan. 10, 2010. 

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