Intermediate Word:  theodolite (a) meteorite ("stone from Heaven")  (b) rock aggregate comprised of smaller rocks (c) surveying instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles  (d) tray on which sacerdotal wine is served
Difficult Word: - conquian 
(a) straightened ("conked") curly hair  (b) coiled sea shell  (c) a conqueror's bride  (d) card game resembling rummy

Milky Way's Big Black Hole Gets Downsized - Space.com  Last year, researchers estimated it was as wide as Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The new estimate reduces that measurement by half, indicating the diameter of Sgr A*, as the object is known, is about 93 million miles -- same as the distance between Earth and the Sun. It is estimated to have a mass equal to about 4 million Suns. Such a high concentration of matter in such a small space places tight constraints on what the object could be if not a black hole.     
Effedi's Maranello vehicle (Effedi) Smart directions for green ideas  - BBC  Each electrically powered mini-car would be equipped with instant and highly precise positioning equipment. Commuters could use the internet or their mobile phone to find the nearest vehicle, jump in and start it with a smartcard, and then drive it to their destination. "There would be no constraint - you could leave the car where you wanted," explained Vu Log's George Gallais. "The service provider would come and charge the cars up every two or three days. Being used just for short distances, they wouldn't need charging every day," he told the BBC News website.  

New Pathway Into Cells Discovered - SpaceDaily  Left:  The research was done with a pathogenic fungus that causes tan spot of wheat, a costly plant disease that is found around the world.  "This is a doorway into plant cells that we never knew existed," said Lynda Ciuffetti, an OSU professor of botany and plant pathology. "Viruses and bacteria have been known to bring proteins into cells, but this is just a protein by itself crossing the cell wall barrier without disrupting its integrity. This is a significant fundamental advance in our understanding of plant biology." "No one had ever shown before that a protein could move, without a pathogen's assistance, from outside a plant cell to the inside.  

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