Intermediate Word:  bailey   (a) jury room  (b) castle courtyard  (c) jail  (d) district
Difficult Word: - palladian  pertaining to  (a) a palladium  (b) wisdom  (c) spaciousness  (d) opulence

Brain image Long-term memory protein 'found'  - BBC   Left:  The identity of the protein which is key to developing long-term memory has been confirmed. say US scientists. Scientists have suspected for a long time that the mBDNF(mature Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) protein plays a role in memory development. But the Institutes of Health team claims in the journal Science to have proved the protein is the key, using experiments on mouse brains. Protein mBDNF is produced by a chemical reaction involving the enzyme plasmin and proBDNF. Unfortunately, the substance which creates plasmin, which it is thought people with Alzheimer's disease lack, can affect the blood.
Image of a dialysis machine 'Biological' kidney implant hope  - BBC  Left:  19,000 UK people receive dialysis.  The first human trial of an artificial 'bio' kidney has shown encouraging results, offering hope of a working implant for patients, say US experts. Ten kidney patients at the University of Michigan tested the device, which works in the same way as dialysis but is partly made of human cells. Eventually, scientists hope the device will become an implantable long-term replacement for failing kidneys. It is made up of hollow fibres lined with the type of kidney cells that reabsorb vital electrolytes, water, and glucose filtered out of blood, in addition to producing other important molecules that the body needs to fight infection.   


Betting on Bush: What online gambling can tell us about winning elections  - BBC  The polls were off-beam, the pundits were caught napping, the press didn't cover itself in glory - did anyone confidently predict the result of the US election? The gambling community, perhaps. A glance at the returns of some of the world's biggest betting exchanges shows that President George W Bush remained a clear favourite with punters right down to the wire. Indeed, electronic gambling is proving so uncanny a predictor of everything from oil prices to football results, that experts reckon it could be harnessed for more wholesome purposes than making money.  

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