SAT-Practice Word of the Day:falter
Intermediate Word of the Day: a jot or a tittle
Difficult Word of the Day:ort

Four HalloweenStories!

When the grey skull is loosened from the rock,
And all the bare, humiliated bone
Is spread out like the workings of a clock,
The secrets which it kept are still its own.
The passions of the dangerous, brief day
Furrowed the brow but left no lasting mark.
The terrors of the night were sloughed away
And vanished in an even vaster dark.
Whatever brought the creature to this place—
Anger or lust or fear or simple need—
Is not recorded on the fleshless face
Which stares unblinking from the desert weed.
Time sighs a moment in the hollowed head
But speaks no good, no evil, of the dead.