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11/8 to 11/14, 2001

11/11/2001: Tonight, I'm indebted to the redoubtable Patrick Wahl for furnishing a link to Eric Weisstein's "World of Mathematics".  I remember that Patrick had explained that this site had had to quit broadcasting because of a copyright dispute, but Patrick has explained that it's been resolved, and thought that you might enjoy this site.  Back in July, Jim Horsman had asked for  more math news. Unfortunately, I don't find math announcements even in magazines like "Scientific American" and "Discovery", but maybe this will help. Thanks, Patrick.
    I've added it to the list of links, below.

11/10/2001: I'm indebted to Jonathon Koves for forwarding the MSNBC article, Transistor made from a molecule - MSNBC, on the the monomolecular transistor. Thanks, Jonathon.

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