Intermediate Word:  stent (a) alternate route  (b) rejoinder   (c) tube holding artery open  (d) to retrace one's path
Difficult Word: - polytocous  (a) promiscuous .  (b) appearing in several different forms  (c) having more than the usual number of chromosomes  (d) producing many offspring at a time

Court Case Threatens to 'Drag Science into the Supernatural' - Space.com  A court case that begins Monday in Pennsylvania will be the first to determine whether it is legal to teach a controversial idea called intelligent design in public schools. Intelligent design, often referred to as ID, has been touted in recent years by a small group of proponents as an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution. ID proponents say evolution is flawed. ID asserts that a supernatural being intervened at some point in the creation of life on Earth.            
Moscow Takes The Helm Of ISS Control - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of Russia's ISS Control Room. NASA and Russian flight controllers outside Moscow are in control of the International Space Station, after mission control in Houston was evacuated ahead of Hurricane Rita. With Hurricane Rita strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico and targeting the Texas shoreline, the space station program activated a well-rehearsed plan to allow flight controllers based at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, to evacuate. They transitioned full control of the station to Moscow, where Russian mission control and a permanently staffed cadre of NASA flight controllers   

Reflections In Herschel Spacescope - SpaceDaily  Left: Illustration of the Herschel space scope. "Herschel will be able to search for very special radiation  produced by the vibration of molecules, such as water and those of more complex organic ones. Finding these may not be proof of the existence of life, but at least the presence of its constituents."  "By comparison, Hubble has a primary mirror which is 2.4 metres in diameter, and it had a telescope mass of 1500 kilograms. Our telescope with a 3.5 metre mirror is considerably larger, but has a mass of only 320 kilograms." The telescope has required the use of the most advanced technologies. The primary mirror is an assembly of twelve petals, seamlessly joined together. The mirror structure is composed of a ceramic wafer of silicon carbide.    

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